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Make money with 150KADUM plan without any experience

You all must be thinking of earning more money without working hard. The full-time stereotype job may not fulfil your financial need in the long term basis. You need to think of an extra income. Did you hear about the 150KADUM?

Let me tell you that, this is a wonderful option to earn money with very minimum investment. It is unbelievable to hear that, just by investing Rs 150, you can earn unlimited.

This is a crowd funding plan that can increase your money with people joining below you. You must be working hard at your office. But, there is hardly any recognition with this 150 KA DUM plan you can earn money with your own effort.

Advantages of the plan

You can get many money marketing plans in the market. Not all of them are worth. Some have issues for being scam. But this 150KADUM is a trusted company with good reputation in the market.

Some of its advantages are as under:

  • You just need to invest Rs 150
  • You only need to get 2 more joining below
  • This business is cent percent legalized
  • You have nothing to lose in this business
  • You can sit at home and do this business
  • This can be an extra income over your conventional 9 to 5 job

How to Register to 150kadum?

There is a step by step procedure of joining the 15kadum, Following are the steps you must keep a note:

  • You need to click or visit the link  http://150kadum.in/ 
  • There you will get options of entering the sponsor’s id
  • There are two option. Either you need to fill in the bank details or can simply paytm rs 150 to the number provided
  • You will be asked for more personal details within your registration process
  • Once the registration is done, you can easily get the registration number
  • With the help of this registration number you can be a sponsored to another person
  • Just like you have done, the individual deployed under you will be user id as her/ his sponsored id
  • Once he deposits the amount, you will get a share from there
  • You will get the user id and password
  • Your 150ka dum account can be accessed with the help of such user id and password
  • You can see the referees under you and how much you could earn till date

Working of 150kadum

If you have planned to invest money in this business, it will be important to know about its ins and outs. You need to know about how exactly the plan works. What is the step by step system? Following are the steps on it:

  1. First of all you have to get hold of your sponsor under whom you will run this business
  2. Now you have to deposit Rs 150 in your sponsors account
  3. As soon as you deposit the amount, your ID will be activated
  4. Once it is activated, you have to relay about this plan to people
  5. You must do this In a convincing way such that they gets motivated
  6. You will get a group of people working under you
  7. They will in turn convince another set of people who in turn will work
  8. This way the matrix will continue and you will get money for every single people enrolling into your team.

Facts on level up gradation

Everyone wishes to make profit in business. You can easily consider this as your business. Thus, you don’t wish to stay in a stagnant position for a long time.  The 150KA dum plan has made a scope for all of you to grow.

The level upgrades will be the best consideration in such a situation. Following are some of its examples:

Level upgrades 1

As you make two people join under you, this will earn you a sum of rs 300. It is just because each on will pay rs 150 each.

Now, if you want to upgrade your level to the next level, all you have to do is pay Rs 300 to your sponsored. This in turn will upgrade your level.

Thus, here you are not earning anything as you are paying the sum which you have earned recently.

Level upgrade 2

Once your first level is upgraded, the next step you must undertake is getting the 2nd down line. Here you don’t need to pay anything. But in exchange you are going to earn 4 x 300 = 1200.

But here again you won’t get the entire sum. The half of the amount should be paid to your sponsor so that you can upgrade to the next level.

After up gradation you get 8 people below you. Naturally the sum will be 8 x 300= 2400.


This way you can easily find more level of upgrades. Slowly you will be transferred in such a state where you don’t have to make any joining. Your fellow people working under you will be making the matrix. They will work for their benefit. But, slowly, you will be benefitted. That will be the stage where you actually don’t have to do anything.

The money will come to you automatically. There are many people who left the job while doing this. Today, all of them are making a great sum.

Opportunities by 150kadum

With the 150ka dum you have endless opportunities with you. It is the time for you to think something extra and earn extra. The 150 ka dum plan works on this particular perspective. It is unbelievable to hear that only with Rs 150, you will be able to make the endless money.

You all must have many contacts in your social media site. It is the time to make use of those contacts. You can speak about this plan to your friends, relatives as well as the well-wishers. Investing rs 150 is just nothing for all of them. You must explain them about the opportunities of this plan and see how well it works.

Vital facts about 150kadum

  • Once you are the member of this plan, you have to introduce two people under you
  • They too with register with Rs 150 each.
  • You need to give your WhatsApp number to them where they can deposit the amount through paytm
  • You also should give them your id so that while registering, they will put your id in the place of sponsor’s id
  • It is important to give 48 hours of time before the account gets activated
  • The bank details should be filled up as well
  • Once you have reached a level high, you need to carry on with the upgrades
  • There are several level of upgrades which you can go ahead like 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th level
  • You also need to pay the website maintenance charges on a regular basis. If you fail to pay the same, the money that you have earned will be blocked
  • It is also important to go ahead with the regular login schedule. If you don’t login for a period of 20 days at a stretch, your login id will be blocked by the 150ka dum authority
  • But don’t worry, the id can be easily unblocked with your credentials
  • You have to give your mobile number and get an OTP over there
  • You must carry on upgrading your membership to the next level
  • This will easily give you more money
  • Be honest and work hard to get your next level of matrix
  • This will be the best way you can stay tuned
  • In every level of upgrades you can easily get your money maximized.

You can see the pay check proofs today in the official website of this money building company. The members and subscribers are genuine. You can now read their review and see how well they work. You must have come across many money making companies that will multiply your money.

But all of them charges really high rate. They will charge you Rs 2000 – Rs 6000 for the registration process. Even you need to sell the products to make money.

Here you neither have to invest such a big amount nor is it necessary to sell the products. You can do everything by convincing people and join with you and grow. This will be really very easy.

How to use the service?

This 150KADUM plan can be availed by many individuals. You can use the sms service go ahead with the registration process and also You can contact the sponsor through her email address. You can use this with the following ways:

  • Paytm
  • Internet banking
  • Bitcoin

The pay wallets are a wonderful way through which you can easily get the service. You must be willing to earn extra income from down level. But, you have to upgrade your level.

If you don’t upgrade the same, your link will go away with a bounce. As a result you will suffer from loss.


Just with Rs 150, you will be able get fantastic income. In the registration form, you have to enter all your banking details. By doing this you can get your referral benefit directly in your account. There are some payment proofs which you can enjoy viewing. People with a minimum investment of Rs 150 have earned more than lakhs.

No qualification is needed for this. No extra skill is required as well. All you have to do is work as per the direction. Just employ two people under you. Thereafter make them work the way you have worked. This way your matrix will increase. This will lead to generation of income.

Try this today and stay happy with your finances.


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