Affiliate Marketing: Best way to Earn Online with Easy Step


Did you hear about online income? Did the term ‘home based job’ click you? Affiliate marketing is a name with the link. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money. You don’t need any qualification. No skill is needed. Simple steps bring some well-paid ways to earn money.

A blogger or a writer can earn. A layman with no know how can earn too. Earn with a mouse click. An Ad click is one form. You are paid for boosting brands.

Earn through information

Earn handsome with info based websites. The commission earned by the marketer also varies from one the product that has been clicked.

If the visitor views the ad for a long time, the revenue which you can earn is more. The amount of commission will increase if the visitor to purchase the item. Folks can buy after clicking product on your site.

How does the affiliate marketing works?

how affiliate marketing works

The working of affiliate marketing is very simple. Customers start the chain by purchasing a product. The marketer gets commission for purchase.

A relationship is built between the affiliate and the merchant. The marketer promotes the products and services. The website owner gets traffic. The cycle continues.

Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing

how Affiliate marketing is a business relationship

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method in which you can earn commission from the other businessmen, trader, company, products or brands by promoting for them. In return you can get a portion of profit, which the company will be earning.

You also need to know the parties involved in affiliate marketing programs. They are:

  • Merchant
  • Network
  • Publisher and
  • Customers

But in a traditional marketing practice, the parties involved are just two. The inclusive are marketer and the seller.


The merchant is the person, business, trade or the brand whose product is advertised or promoted through the affiliate program. The merchant can be a creator, manufacturer, brand, vendor and retailer. They want their product to be sold after a good network of promotion.

The network

A network is nothing but an intermediary that connects the affiliate as well as merchant. The online marketing technique will become stronger with the inclusion of network within the operation process. If there is no network, there will be direct sales or marketing between the seller and the buyer. An individual can come across the variety of products database. The affiliate can choose the particular ones which need to be promoted.


The affiliates are basically the publishers. The Affiliate can be a single individual or a company. Affiliates are the websites through which the promotion of products belonging to the merchant takes place. The visitors coming to the website of the affiliate will get the reference of the product or services. As a result, they can visit the product. Sometimes they can also be converted to potential customers.


Customers are the individual buyers. They are the folks having a view at a variety of sites and they search for information and the products to buy them online. They visit the affiliate websites and click on the ads that interest them. This earns commission to the affiliate and the merchant also get benefit with brand awareness among people.

The lessons of Affiliate marketing

You can now get variety of videos, contents related to the affiliate marketing. You can also get complete information about how much money can be earned through the affiliate marketing program.

Do you have your own website? Is the site used for informative purpose or is it a commercial based website? The affiliate marketing can be done in a better way if you have informative based website, such as travel log, beauty, health sites, etc.

Let us find out how much you can earn through the affiliate marketing technique.

How much money you can make from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing earning

The statistics mentioned above gives a clean idea. Yes, you can now earn in dollars. I will state some criteria of people earning. You can see the pay range as well.

A new bie Up to $300 per day
Intermediate affiliate Up to $ 300 to $ 3000 in a day
High level affiliate Above $3000 per day
Bag of dicks affiliates Less than $ 10,000 in a day

It’s time to guess earning. Try working for 4-5 hours in a day.This will bring supreme out of online marketing. If you own an info based website, the content that you get must be engaging. More the visitors of your site the greater are your earning. Again, if you can dedicate your full-time, the earning will be more.

Scope for newbie

The market is volatile in nature. You must be happy earning $ 100 on the first day. But this can decrease. You must take proper training of affiliate marketing to prosper. Every day is your day of challenge. You will get new figures each day.

Established Affiliate earning

Look at the table above. The established affiliates are the intermediate ones. They are earning handsome. It is just because they are dedicating their full-time. They have the chance of earning more. Just imagine how much they can make a year.

Affiliate link

You will get an affiliate link with all the sites that have been linked with the Adsense account and the product will be sent through the affiliate link. As soon as the visitor makes a purchase, the commission amount will be credited to your account.

Some folks have a wrong idea about the negative effect of affiliate link over the clients. But, trust me, these links are totally save for the customers. They don’t have to pay more for making the purchase through the links.

It is the merchant or the sellers, who will provide charge to the affiliate for the successful sales. You should also know that when a customer make a purchase of a product within a set time frame after clicking the link on the particular product link on your website, you have done a perfect affiliate marketing.

Advantage of Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a latest stage that will plow back profit online. This provides dual benefits to the merchant as well as the affiliate marketer. One will earn profit and other will gain money. Let us find out some gains of affiliate marketing:

  • This will accumulate larger traffic and visitors to your website
  • A good relationships among the affiliates will be discovered
  • The advertising company can get customer bases from different countries across the globe
  • Being the trader you will get an idea about your customer’s preferences.
  • The affiliate marketing provides good opportunities of business

The affiliate marketer gets good revenue in the form of charge. The merchants will get a wider scope of presenting the ad online. This way of advertising and marketing is much more effective as compared to the customary mode. In the old variety, you will get customers from a particular area.

But, the online link marketing will bring visitors and likely customers from various parts of the world. On the other hand, the affiliate marketer will get a chance to use their website to promote other folks’ products and services.

Both of them work in an effective way together with proper network. The visitor clinks the link or image ad on the site. Both the parties get the benefit.

Affiliate marketing is a trade of honor. You don’t have to face your boss and don’t need to reach office on time. You get flexibility. Working on your own is possible here.



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