Amazon Affiliate Marketing Overview: A Step-by-Step Guide

amazon affiliate marketing


Amazon Affiliate marketing programs – Earn Money Online

Affiliate marketing is a good idea of earning. Profit is earned with customer referrals. Anyone can join in Amazon Affiliate marketing program. You can be a site owner or a blogger. Viewers of the site clicks the ad of amazon. This create a sales boost to the firm. You are the affiliate.

It’s time for your earning commission. You are boosting the business. You earn a good amount for every click. They work for brand boost of merchant site. Let have vital facts on amazon affiliate marketing.

About Amazon

You can see the infographic above. Amazon will pay 15% of product price through ad. Yes it is the concept of amazon affiliate program. Do you have a website? Is there enough visitor? Promote amazon products in your site. This will increase your money over the AdSense. Your visitors will follow the ad link.  You can earn money while you sit at home. Yes this is possible.

You must have heard the name, ‘amazon’. It is linked to online shopping. Yes, it is one among the top Ecommerce websites. From here you buy almost all types of products.  The online shop sites have two sites: one is ‘ and the other one is’. If you are residing in India, you must visit the dot in site and for the buyers staying in other parts of the world, dot com site will be preferable.

Step by Step guide for Amazon affiliate marketing


Step 1

Look for a niche

You should find the niche first. While finding a niche, you need to consider following points.

  • Niche should have good scalability.
  • Passion for niche.
  • Niche with a business model.
  • Optimal market size.
  • Niche with proper market size.


Step 2

Develop a website

It is quite easy to own a website of your own today. You have to create a site based on the niches you have decided. There you can easily advertise the products of amazon. Variety of big branded companies and sellers put their products on amazon site.

Even this Ecommerce website has a very good service. They will provide best service in the Ecommerce market with on time delivery. You can now develop a blog easily in just 20 minutes


Step 3

Select good product for Affiliate marketing

Do you want to make good money online? It is the time for you to choose right product that can be promoted.  You can take few products from amazon site and start promotion in your website. Amazon have recently launch a service named as ‘Amazon prime’. If you register or avail membership for this service, you can get much more benefits. It will be more as compared to other amazon buyers.

The prime subscribers can get 30 days replacement guarantee of product instead of 10 days. Even they will get the product delivered within a day. For an affiliate program which can be highly converting, better to grab the amazon affiliate marketing network.


Step 4

Go for new affiliate products

Customers will always wish to get new products and services. You can earn more with the new affiliate products. It will give more profit with every click of the viewers.  Amazon is not just an Ecommerce website, rather it is one of the best platform for the affiliate market places. The corporates, bloggers and many other businessmen use amazon to go ahead with their product marketing.

The affiliate program of this ecommerce website pay you really good. Can you imagine, that the affiliate will be able to get a commission of up to 15%? Yes, it is absolutely right. The bloggers can also make a great money with their written content.


Step 5

Write and post contents for promotion

Content is the backbone of every website. If you are having a website that provides information to customers, quality contents will be an important consideration. You must give more information to your viewers so that they can land to your web page as they search through keywords.

Add about a particular product and link it to the amazon website. This will easily give you amazon customers. As soon as the visitor click the ads on your website, you will be earning commission from the amazon.  You just need to dedicate some time from your busy schedule. Along with your full time job, you can easily earn extra income from this affiliate marketing program of amazon.


Step 6

Build email list

You may find several types of traffic in your site. Some are real customer who have an intension to buy. Some comes to gather information where as others just wish to go for window shopping. Now you have to collect the list of those visitors who have viewed the products and went away. Send emails to them with more options of products to boost the sales.


Step 7

Profit with affiliate marketing

This is the last step where you will gain profit with the affiliate marketing program. But remember google has an eagle eye to trace your friends are relatives. Don’t use backdoor policy to gain profit. You will get organic visitor if you follow the SEO rules and google updates. Go ahead with the keyword research and get the right content.


Statistics of Amazon affiliate marketing program

The above picture speaks about the amazon affiliate marketing program. You can easily monitor your earning through this graph. You have to know the rules of this program at first. There after follow the rules and get noticed by amazon. The organization will reward you with a commission for your hard work.


Tips for amazon affiliate marketing programs

Every Ecommerce website has their own affiliate program. You can participate in them. But the amazon affiliate program is truly unique. We are going to discuss about the Amazon Affiliate marketing program. Following are some of the tips to go ahead:


  • Sign up as per location

You must sign up to the affiliate marketing program based on your location. As we have discussed before that amazon has different website for the folks staying in India and even out of the country. Now, if you have US based visitors, you need to sign up to . For India based visitor, the sign up site will be . There are also affiliate programs for the subscribers staying in other countries. For example, Japan- .jp, Australia- .au etc.

  • Choose the link for US people

Once you are aware of the visitor’s location, the next step will be visit the link for US residents

  • Search for banners and links

Now, you have to search for the banner, links etc for your site from amazon. It will be based on the content of your site. For example if you have beauty health blogs, you can take the link or banners of amazon beauty products.

  • Refer friends and relatives

You can simply make good money with the amazon affiliate marketing programs. You can also refer your friends and relatives for making a purchase and get a good sum of commission through that.


Amazon Affiliate niche site

If you are willing to go ahead with an affiliate program with amazon, you must keep it in mind that the particular site makes focus on handful of products. A niche website will be such a variation where the content will be based on some specific product. You can say the website have the specialization on those products. If you have such variation of website, it will be easy to promote the products of amazon site that is identical to your niche.


Ways of building amazon niche site

  • The first thing you must do is keyword research
  • The second step will be proceeding with the domain registration
  • The hosting setup is important. You can ask the professional website developer for the same
  • You must have a platform to post contents. It can be done through the WordPress, configurations, plugins and themes
  • Allocating and setting up of pages that are mandatory such as about us, services, blogs, etc
  • Writing the content or making it written by a professional content writer
  • Now you have to post the content in the website through the WordPress
  • Branding through the social media sites
  • You can also go ahead with the activity of link building
  • The conversion rate optimization is a main factor to build an amazon niche site
  • Hire a SEO for keyword optimization and boosting up more profit

Benefits of affiliate programs

People are earning a good sum from the several affiliate programs. But another group of folks are still not aware of the actual benefits. Let us find out how you can stay happy with amazon affiliate programs:

  • It will employ many unemployed folks around you without much qualification and experience
  • If you’re monthly income is not enough to meet your current expenses, affiliate marketing program will be an added advantage. You can get extra income.
  • You can sleep without tension while your affiliate program will earn you money
  • The affiliate marketing program will benefit both the individuals with products and no products. This is absolutely a revenue sharing program where you have products, you can promote them in exchange of financial incentive. If you don’t have products to sell, you can promote the products of other company or the website.
  • The attempt of affiliate marketing program by the amazon is quite transparent. The consumers as well as affiliates will be aware of each and every facts associated with the same.
  • A network is involved in this affiliate marketing program to connect the merchant and the consumer. This boosts the sales of the merchant site. Also this will give a wider rate of commission to people engaged in affiliate marketing.
  • The affiliate can easily promote the promote of amazon and get direct share of revenue from the merchant


You must research and find out the profitable niche in amazon. If you can read the affiliate program guidelines in amazon, you will be able to find out which products will earn you more profit and which one has less value. Some of you may not know this fact.

As a result they randomly place the niche without any know how. This will bring less profit even if the visitors are more in your site and clicks are much in good amount. If you want to find out more facts on this, and get it done in a systematic way, the best way to do is hire a professional with experience. Those who are dealing with consultation on affiliate marketing program must be called.


You must have clear concept about the affiliate marketing. It is a concept to get customers through referrals. The partners takes the form of the site owner.  The affiliate marketer gains a sum with every sale of the merchant’s product. Now, this content is about Amazon Affiliate marketing.


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