Choose among the best SEO tools to boost your website performance in 2017


Your website is just like your house. Is it possible to build your house without raw materials? If not, it won’t be possible to manage a website without SEO tools. We can have a look at a list of such tools today. This will help you get better online market value. You will always wish to keep your website among the top list. The expert SEO can perform such act. Let us check some SEO tools that you must use in the year 2017.

Basic SEO tools you must use

  1. Keywords

Keyword is a vital element for an SEO content. You can now go ahead with the keyword research and find out various words and phrases. These will be used to boost your website ranking. Analysis of such keyword demand is vital to find out. The top competitive words and phrases are easily found out. People with search for competitive keywords and reach to your website or blog.

For getting the keyword rich content, you have to go for keyword research. The professional SEO analyzer will always look for the tool. Some of the tools are:

  • Google keyword planner- It is one of the well-known tool for the right keyword to be placed for search engine rank. You must have an AdWords account for using this tool. This is an authentic tool from google.

  • SEMRUSH- You can get many more benefits from this SEO tool apart from keyword research. Just put the URL of your site and get all the keywords related to the site.

2. Ranking

Another effective SEO based tool that you require is the ranking.You can get recognition only if more people know about you. Your website also is based on same concept. You can also get many free tools in google search console. There are some paid services as well. The tools also help analyzing the keyword strength. You can test SEO and see how it is going with your website.

It is vital to check the ranking of your website in google search engine. The SEO tools required for it are as follows:

  • Moz Pro rank tracker- This is a wonderful SEO tool that can track your web page. You can also have a track of keyword placed in your site. Your SERP rank will be improved.
  • Google analytics- Google analytics is prescribed by many website experts. This can track the traffic in your website and measure site ranking.

3. Content

Content is a biggest strength of any website. People search online for valid information. Many of you run an info based website. For example some runs beauty website. Some have fascination for travel blog. You too can create a site and post information on technical specification. Quality content is the best tool for SEO. People must get proper info.  If they are able to get so, they will come back again to your site. Be very particular about quality of content.

Checking content in the site is vital. Following are the tools:

  • SEO content editor– You must edit or update your content on a regular basis. This will boost your reliability among the traffic. Your site will get more views.
  • Duplicate content checker– Many website owners end up with posting some duplicated content. Google won’t accept the copy paste content. This tool will check this out.

4. Links

You must have heard about the links. Even the word ‘Backlinks’ is a vital term. This is a vital factor for SEO. You can see the website linking back to yours. Also these sites will be linked to your competitor’s sites. The link building scope will be boosted. The external links are effective with this connection. It is possible to send the messages to many link builders. This is a way of making your site SEO.

Let us find out some SEO tools for link building and track link info:

  • Majestic SEO– With this SEO tool, you can easily track link info. You can do this from any domain. Even this can be done of your competitor’s site.
  • SEOmoz Linkscape– This is a tool that have a basic search. You can get an idea of inbound links. The quality of inbound links will be noted.

5. Audits

It is important to do periodic audit of site. This will give an impression on its performance. You must be running your website for years. It was going well few years ago. You have a same impression even today. But, after an audit, you have found that your site is not performing well. In such a situation, you will be shocked. Now, it proves that regular audit of site is vital. You can get daily report on how your site performs. Based on it you can go for actions. Try this today and make your website best.

You can now get a list of SEO auditor tools. Following are some of them:

  • Seo list crawler– This is an SEO tool that helps perfect check and audit of your URL. On page SEO element will be extracted soon.
  • Internal link analyzer-This is a perfect search engine spider that helps in indexing and forecasting the site structure.

Web based tool for SEO

  • Woorank

This is a wonderful SEO tool that helps in on page optimization. You can track your visitors well with this SEO tool. The problem with online visibility can be sorted with this. There are many features of these tools. Some of them are providing competitive analysis, providing marketing plan, analyzing backlinks, in depth report etc.

  • Quick sprout website analyzer

Another SEO tool in the year 2017 is Quick sprout. This was launched in the year 2013. It has good reputation in the market. This will point out the errors in your website performance. The tool will let you know about positive elements of social media.

  • Ontolo

The powerful SEO tool for the year 2017 is here. This will give you better possibilities with the link build technique. Also the opportunities of competitive analysis, content marketing and social media marketing is vital. Outbound link statistics is vital over here.

  • WebCEO

The effective SEO tool in the web world is WebCEO. Unlike other tools, you will get many features in one particular tool. Proper keyword analysis is vital. The tool helps in reaching your target audience. This can be one of the SEO trends in the year 2017.

  • SEO site checkup

The website analysis is a vital fact. There are many hackers around the web world. You must keep your sites away from them. This SEO tool will help you check the status of your website. This will monitor the number of visitors in your site. The tool also give you a score. This score is based on the performance of your site.

  • gShift

This SEO tools works slightly in a different way. It will take data from various source of web pages. Those will be optimized to get an effective site overview. You can reach to more visitor with this SEO tool. The feature of this SEO tool include influencer identification, competitive analysis, site audit, tracking content etc.

  • Positionly

It is not just you. There are many more competitors in the market. You must have some tool that will help you fight with your competitors. This is one of the SEO tools in the year 2017 that is really effective. This will do consistent keyword research. Customizing report is another feature. The SEO tool will measure your site compatibility with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • SpyFu

You have to fight with competitors. The competition is very high in this web world. It is not possible for you to monitor each rival’s activity always. This particular SEO tool will act as a spy and keep a watch on what your competitors are doing.

  • Authoritas

This SEO tool is for the big business. This is having the feature of making big data analysis.  The issues related to website performance and SEO is analyzed here. The tool can build links. Removing links is easy for them. The crawling activity is monitored over here. The seo tool will look in to the optimization of content. You can use this tool for managing many sites at a time. You have to link your WordPress dashboard with this tool.





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