On-Page SEO Techniques – Boost Your Rank On The 1st Page in 2017

on page seo

The Internet is in a great demand and this arises the importance of websites in the market. It has become a trend of developing a website for various different reasons such as advertising business.

But once you have a website it becomes even more important to make that website to appear on the first page of Google.

Here comes the concept of SEO that is Search Engine Optimization.

On page SEO technique which is used to increase the page rank of a website. The higher your page rank of your website, higher will be its visibility on Google page search algorithm. This will make your website to appear on first few pages of the searching index which eventually will increase the popularity of the website.

Why do you need to optimize your website?

  1. Improve user expertise

Make sure your website is responsive and broken links square measure unbroken to a     minimum.

2. Ensure that readers-

Ensure that readers coming back to your website pay attention towards the data and spend some time on your website.

  • Make sure your website is maintained by a flexible team.
  • Use correct copy-writing techniques to create individuals stick around.

3. Create sensible content-

  • Try catchy headings for your content that brings attention to it.
  • Your writing style should be smooth.
  • Don’t forget to mention about the feedback.

Easy to use On-Page Optimization Strategies-

  1. Think from Users Perspective

Always try to look through this thing. Think before applying. Try to look through it from all different scenarios so as to make it a worthy on page SEO factor for counting among the techniques.

  1. Apply the rule of Quality vs. Quantity

There is always this thing that strikes in mind that is quality or the quantity. Some people go for the quantity and while others prefer to stay with the quality. There is a myth that using more number of keywords in your blog increases the rating of your website in page rank policy. In fact, this should always be considered that a reader that comes to website expects quality over quantity. If the matter is quality assured with a low number of keywords, still it would be handier than the one that focuses on quantity.

  1. Use the latest technological features

Use of technology is more these days. This happens because the technical sector is growing each day with new and interesting inventions. That is why it should be kept in mind as a website owner to use all the latest tools and languages for your website.

  1. Remember there is Always a Room for Improvement

It is very rightly said that always try to enhance your capabilities. That is why as a developer you should always expect to make it bug-free and should try to look for a rise in efficiency of the code.

On-Page SEO Techniques for Better Ranking in 2017

  1. Post Permalink Structure

It is one of the most important SEO factors that always results in getting an increase in the page rank. This technique basically aims at using the targeted keywords in the starting of your blog. This is because it gets more attention from readers. Always remember to never use any special character or symbol, bracket in your URL that is your website’s name. This increases the chances of your website to get crawled.

  1. Blog Post Title

The title has been always a diverting factor that can either bring readers to your blog or can let down the count of readers. A good title with some eye-catching line is important these days.

  1. Heading Tags

Once the title has been set the inner matter is taken into account. That is why using proper heading inside your blog is important. If you have proper headings in your blog then this will engage the user in reading your blog completely.

Ideal way of using Header Tags –

<h1>Main Heading</h1>

<h2>Secondary Heading 1</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 1</h3>

<h2>Secondary Heading 2</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 2</h3>

  1. Keywords Uses

The keyword is the most important term in any on page SEO tutorial or any on page SEO activity. If you will use keywords appropriately and at the right place then you can produce great output from your website. It emphasizes on the user’s way of finding a solution using Google. Those searching words become keywords for your blogs.

  1. Meta Tags

This should be always kept in mind that in the 160 characters of your Meta description about the topic of your blog, explain your description in such a way that it presents your ideas to the readers in a way that attracts them to share the content. This will generate a number of backlinks to your website which is also very important factor for improving the page rank. This makes the link to get a good click through rate (CTR). CTR helps if your website is getting a much good response from its users because it increases the number of clicks on a particular link.It makes an internal linking which is very beneficial as an SEO point of view.

  1. Write Engaging Content

If you will write an engaging content then this will make sure that the user sticks around on your blog for a while. This will give you more time to make understand your idea to your reader much more clearly and effectively. Write content that attaches more as a user to your blog. If a reader will find something interesting that will benefit him then he will read your blog till the last line. Try to increase emotions in your writing that attaches users to something. Make sure they find it worth reading your blog since readers always want to worth their time.

Check out these terms that matter in On-Page SEO Checklist:-

  • Title Tag

A title tag is used by search engines to display a page in search results and can also be found at the top of your browser. Title tags tell search engines and searchers what the page is about. Since Google will only display between 50-60 characters in the title tag, you should keep title tags under 55 characters and try to drive people to click on compelling copy.

  • HTML Meta Tag

The web pages are mostly written in HTML which is a markup language. It is mostly used in designing part. Under it comes certain tags. One such similar tag is the Meta tag. Meta, as the name suggests, contains a brief description about your website. It is always focused to have a good quality of content in this tag. It is because of the fact that these next two lines can define the future of the rest of the blog. If the reader is able to show interest in your blog then this gives a confidence to the writers.

  • Speed Optimization

An optimized page of a website will saw better results and with good speed. That is why companies like Facebook, Google look to make a simple and light home page for their website. If a page is light then it will take less time to appear on your web browser once the enter key has been pressed. Look to make your web page speed optimized.

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive

To make a website which is mobile friendly and is responsive is a necessity in the present scenario. Since the use of smartphones has been increased, a lot of users try to open a website in mobile web browser. Thus it becomes on the part of the developer to make a website which is easy to use on a website as well as on the desktop.

  • Image Optimization

For making your website more attractive to users try to use images in your content. This is important because a picture is worth a thousand words. It helps in covering enough of the matter. If a thing is explained correctly and in an easy manner through a video or a graphic then it turns out to be a great boon for the website.

  • Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is basically the hyperlinked text which is being used to go from a website to another website just by clicking on to that link. This anchor text is written using anchor tag of HTML. These links are also meant for producing back links. Thus it becomes important to use that link with a good text. So always look to optimize your text of the hyperlink.


It is also known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security which is a part of a protocol that keeps a check on the security measures of the website. It is highly important to have a secure website. Otherwise, if your website is not secure then the user will never come to visit again on your website.

  • Domain Names

Next important thing that should be kept in mind is to choose a domain name carefully. A good domain name can prove as a wonder for a website while the vice-versa is also possible. If you do not choose a good name for your website then how will the users be able to find you? So just as important as to develop a website, the domain name is equally important.

  • Social Sharing and Social Media

Once you have published your blog, you now look for readers in your blog. So you will look out for options that will increase the visibility of your blog on the internet. One such trend is the Social media. Social media these days plays a vital role in the growth of your blog. It will increase the reach of your blog through social sharing with your friends and your friend’s friends. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc. all gives the feature of sharing your blog with everyone.

  • Analysis User-friendly

After you have made your website and published it online, you should do a quick review of all the basic designing structure you have used. Try to see if it matches with what you think of. Ask for feedback from your viewers. Engage them using tools and techniques. This analysis will make you have a clear thought about your direction along with your intention. If these both things go parallel on the same track then it is a good sign for your business to grow.

So if you are having a website for which you are looking to have a better page rank. Then you must follow these easy to use on page techniques. With a proper implementation and better approach, it is not a big task to get your website at the top. No doubt these techniques will take some time to show results. But keep in mind to provide your users with a quality content. If they find it useful to visit your website then chances are these users will result in paying customers. Do check out these techniques and apply on your website.


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