PPT Submission Sites List – Submit Your Presentation to High Authority PPT Sites


What is PPT Sharing & what are the advantages of doing this?

Every day lots of individuals think that Question. However, they never know what role will play PPT Submission Sites for Promoting a Business or a Brand.

PPT Submission is a cool manner for increasing internet traffic on your website. Its steps are very simply for creating a simple PPT & share it on PPT Submission Sites. Once every week, you’ll see increase visitors on your website.

Place your website keywords on this content & provides a link on keywords, images for direct traffic on your site. It is a combination of some text, images, links which give you best results once sharing on the web.

What will you Do with PPT Submission website?

If you’ve got a business/Brand or the other services, then you’ll support them via making PPT & Share with PPT Sharing website.

What are the advantages of PPT Sharing Sites?

From PPT Sharing websites, you’ll get numerous Traffic to your on-line site, Business Opportunities, the responsiveness of Your things & the last what I additionally Like Quality website Backlinks that helps to boost Websites SERP Ranking.

You should keep in mind following things every time you make PPT:

When you make PPT use following methods:

  1. Don’t write so much content
  2. Use proper Images
  3. Place destination/ reference link
  4. You can use new keywords in description while submitting PPT.

How to Use This PPT Sharing Sites List?

One webmaster must utilise several techniques for search engine optimisation. One requirement to provide a good time for promoting the website of a Business.

If you own business, then you should promote your site via PPT Sharing website. For this, you don’t require to provide time for looking few good sites for PPT sharing.

You only need working upon our PPT sharing sites list. Well, we have a want to share that this list is useful for less than people who will with patiently use this list by working over every listed website and by regularly adding quality content.

According to your business requirements produce one good PPT. On one PPT sharing website, you just need to follow few easy steps;

  • Create your account over there
  • Click on add your document or PPT
  • Upload your PPT
  • Write a small description and tags using relevant keywords
  • Click on Submit


PR 9 & 8 Dofollow PPT Submission Sites List

Website URL DA PR
http://issuu.com 95 9
http://slideshare.net 96 8
http://scribd.com 95 8

PR 7 Dofollow PPT Submission Sites List

Website URL DA PR
http://docstoc.com 84 7
http://box.net 90 7
http://keepandshare.com 82 7
http://calameo.com 92 7
http://zoho.com 84 7
http://sliderocket.com 77 7

PR 6 Dofollow PPT Submission Sites List

Website URL DA PR
http://mediafire.com 91 6
http://digital.library.upenn.edu 93 6
http://authorstream.com 77 6
http://4shared.com 90 6
http://wattpad.com 85 6
http://hongkiat.com 81 6
http://filestube.com 66 6

PR 5 Dofollow PPT Submission Sites List

Website URL DA PR
http://ziddu.com 68 5
http://rapidshare.de 68 5
http://asksam.com 69 5
http://uploading.com 69 5
http://senduit.com 52 5
http://powershow.com 47 5
http://hotfile.com 71 5
http://fileden.com 69 5
http://depositfiles.com 80 5
http://2shared.com 70 5
http://slideserve.com 51 5
http://slideboom.com 68 5
http://rapidshare.com 91 5

PR 4 Dofollow PPT Sharing Sites List

Website URL DA PR
http://myplick.com 51 4
http://ifile.it 52 4
http://fliiby.com 44 4
http://filefactory.com 70 4
http://edocr.com 62 4
http://slideworld.com 38 4
http://easy-share.com 55 4
http://datafilehost.com 64 4
http://docs.thinkfree.com 71 4



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