Website Traffic: How to Use Q&A Sites to Increase Website traffic and Visitors

Q&A Site

Q&A sites are some of the best ways to reach your tribe and connect with your specific community. They can enhance your link-building and SEO, develop your business brand, and gain you tonnes of enthusiastic website traffic.

In this article, we will get know about the top then question and answer site. As we all know that Internet has answers for the all question.

Just google it and find the answer to all questions. But when we google it we see so many sites with the answers but which one is the best and where we will find the perfect answer. We see for the questions we asked about, there are some many sites these are called question and answer site.

We see for the questions we asked about, there are some many sites these are called question and answer site.

Why use Q&A sites?

There are a lot of reasons to market with Q&A sites:

 Find and develop new clients: Q&A sites are destined to determination people’s issues. Your business blog articles are excessive, right? Interact on the sites to search out and engage with your niche market. Make relationships by given that useful, informed answer their queries. You’ll get additional people clicking during to your website, and gain client leads.

Link building: Use the sites to extend your link building and SEO – however continually be real, useful and fascinating of your potential clients on the sites. Use Q&A sites with high Alexa rankings. Link to your blog (or website) in your profile and answers.

Get better your SEO: Most Q&A sites show up in Google (and other) search results. Ask and answer queries applicable to your keywords. Include links back to your website in your answers. The better your answer, the additional it’ll be voted up by your Q&A community – that improves your SEO within the sites too.

Drive traffic directly on your blog: Include a link to your blog website in your Q&A profiles. Write helpful answers, with teasers of additional full solutions found on your blog posts. Link those specific blog posts into your answers.

What type of question can be asked in these websites?

So you can ask a simple math question to a complicated life suggestion you can ask anything and everything that you want to know. So you can get various opinions on the same question and you could select what is the best answer to your question.

Basically, there is two type of question and answer website one is which need registration and which doesn’t need any registration.

Where to find Question and answer?

It’s quite an easy thing just go to your search engine and type question and answer sites list you will get a various site. And then choose the one you like. And post your question to that site and wait for the reply from the huge crowd over that site.

Top ten website in question and answer.

  • Yahoo answers.

It’s a collaborated website. Yahoo is its owner. It’s a question and answer website. It’s a non-commercial website. Registration is required for the website. It was launched on June 28, 2005, almost 11 years ago. Its current status is active.

  • Quora

It is a private type website and available in English and Spanish. This was founded in June 2009 almost 7 years ago. Their headquarters are in Mount view, California. It serves worldwide. It was founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Its key people are Adam D’Angelo as CEO and Kelly Battles as CFO. Its slogan is the best answer to any question.

  • Wiki Answers

This website is owned by Wiki answer is made by various online volunteers.

  • Rediff Q and A.

Its website is It is the most popular website in India. Daily around millions of people in serve in Rediff Q&A.

  • AOL Answers

The website is Their owner is Yedda. It was closed in summer 2015.AOL Answers is a question answers service. This software promise to its users that submitted a question will be answered. And will ask other users inquire.

  • Askville by Amazon.

It is a collaborated website. It is available in English. Its owner is Its slogan is asked… answer… meet… play….It is a commercial l website. Requires registration.  This was launched on December 8, 2006, almost ten years ago. Its status is currently inactive from October 25, 2013.

It was acquired by rocket lawyers on January 14, 2013.Total funding is around $1.6 million. They have 12 investors. Their headquarters is in Palo Alto, California. Founders are Jay Mandal and Nitin Gupta.

The owner is Blurt it. Total revenue is 2.4million pound. The slogan is “ask it answer it blurt it”. The website is Launched on 2006


It was acquired by twitter on December 21 2010Total funding is around $600K.There are total 7 investors. Headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

List of Question and Answer Sites with PR and Niche.

Question Answer Sites Page Rank [PR] Niche 8 All 8 Calculation and Mathematical 8 All 7 All 7 All 6 Tech 6 Tech 6 All 6 Mathematical Functions 6 All 6 All 6 all 6 All 5 Health 5 All 5 All 4 Relationship 4 All 4 Advice 3 Kid Answers 3 All 2 all

Best practices of question and answer sites?

What is the best part about these sites? The best part is we can get to know both positive and negative impact of the thing we have asked for.

We could post a question anonymously so we don’t have a need to embrace our self in front of people and we get to choose the best answer among the various suggestions.

The general rules of engagement for social sites apply to Q&A sites. Particularly on Q&A sites:

Explore a number of Q&A sites to get to know what they’re about.

Evaluate and select one or two sites to start out to connect along with your market. To get results, and have real engagement, you’ll get to spend time on the sites – therefore, choose one or two sites and don’t stretch yourself thin.

Fill in your user profile on the sites. Include a friendly picture of yourself, and enough data to indicate people they will trust you. You’ll be able to usually link to your blog or web site here.

Find your niche category and engage truly with your knowledge.

 Give quality info that truly answers the question. This can be your chance to solve a possible customer’s problem. The better you answer, a lot of upvotes and different credits you’ll get, which can offer you rewards such as being an industry leader on the sites.


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