Yellow Pages Local Business Listings/Citations Sites That Will Get You Referral Traffic


When you have given you years into a business and do not have any idea how to grow it. So these few sites that must help you. Here is a list how few sites where you can advertise your Yellow Pages/business Listing and with spending a very low amount. So here is the list of few sites which will help every businessman who wants to grow their business without spending much.

Now the point is do these listings work or not?

Yes! You should and you must these listings do really work it’s a great way to promote your business and this site give reviews refers and a lot more.

It helps in increasing the traffic whether it is free or paid but it helps you.

You must have a good control over your business profile because you need to engage people for giving your business a height you have dreamt about.

So what is too much?

Actually, nothing is too much until and unless its quality is good. Because you don’t want your business profile to go on any spammy site or hacked or low-quality website for the obvious reason.  You don’t want your business image to be ruined.

Which one will actually work?

There are a few websites mentioned bellow you can trust them. And there are many others legit websites submit your business website and categories you with the bunch of website of your kind. So that you feel comfortable around a good neighbourhood.

On no. 1 we have Google places.

It’s the most important one. So what is it? It is information which searches engine places while listing your business.

There is a probability that search engine may already have your business lists. But what Google places do is to give the control over it.

On no. 2 we have yelp

It helps people to find a local business. It was founded on2004. Per month it has 24 million unique visitors via mobile app and 65 million via the mobile site.

Yelp users have written over 121 million reviews by the end of 2016. Accept reviews you can find events, lists and talk of other yelp users.

On no.3 we have foursquare

It’s a private business company based in New York. It is available in 12 different languages. And its founders are Dennis Crowley Naveen Selwadurai.

There are over 200 employees working here.  It is a local search and recommender system.

On no. 4 we have universal business listing

It enables businesses to get listed on search engines like yellow page, social network and GPS navigation device.

Its founders are Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers. It was founded on august 2007. Headquarters are in Charlotte North Carolina.

On no. 5 we have Yahoo local.

It’s also same as the other app it is tied up with yahoo maps.

On no. 6 we have doesn’t just have the business listings but it also has coupons events and another listing. You can get the best here.

On no.7 we have city search.

It is for advertisement but also for the local hotel it is based in West Hollywood California. Jeffrey Brewer is the founder of the website. It also recommends night club, shops and other services.

On no. 8 we have Bing local

Bing local is business listings and services tied up with maps.

On no.9 we have Craigslist

It has 381 million dollars. It’s a privately held company. It was founded in 1995. Jim Buckmaster is its CEO.

It advertises websites with section and devotes an hour for personal or for sale. It was founded by Craig Newmark.

On no.10 we have Dmoz

It’s a directory of World Wide Web. It is also known as Open Directory Project. Maintained by AOL.

More is better

After mastering the top 10 listings, you may still have an appetite for more.  Below is a list of more local directories.  Go ahead, knock yourself out.

  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. NJ Business Directory
  8. NY Business Directory
  9. Yellowbook
  10. CitySearch


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